Of course something comes out of suffering. That’s a given by anyone’s standards. Of suffering, I mean. It cannot be avoided, but one thing a sufferer need not…

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The OCD. the effing oCd

People also need to, need to… NEED. TO. KNOW. just how dangerous CHRONIC OCD is to any sufferer, in a mental instance alone. These people are dealing with literally…

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“No Tears Here, Please.”

No gin and tonic, no GUNwhatsoEVER pressingItselfNEARer her PINPRICKED ear.. no NOTHING of A-N-Ynoteworthy intent anymore(!) “she’s been.. believing (in the REALms of herSELF) yet=again, in GAINING the UPPER-handEchelon.”…

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Bouncing for free now

They turned-off their mind for sometime actually, and that was it: the whole NINE.. “NEIN(!), nein(!!)… N-E-I-N(!!!)” yearning ofUtterYards — the spelling was resting itself, their mesmerised heads doing…

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😃 😃 😃

It’s the creating of possibly.. non-stop art. Maybe that’s what you could call it. Sometimes.. there’s this part of me that wants to just grab a crowd of people…

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There’s this alternative angle to their self adjusted worth actually, and it’s been barking up ALL of the CoRreCtTrEeSIndeed(!!)

To curtail it all now would be to do: the MOST…

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“The Keys To Creation Are Right-there.”

They weren’t mesmerised just these… ahem, insular people of playful Intelligence. “Even when: we set fire to their kind of mind, they should not but… Anticipate the greatest showmanship…

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If you are looking for an impossible thing to achieve for some-one then it is probably this… having had chronic ocd since the age of eleven.. til the present…

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Imagining Magnificence.

We were tricking our creative apex of self again into believing, headstrong and all

In something oh, so differential, actually, and CertainlyDoveTailed in pink(…)

They did this with their own state…

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It is what it is

Wanna know the comparison of a movie-scene to how ocd might… take the sufferer’s breath and mind away from itself? The out-and-out hectically claustrophobic feeling inside of their skill…

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At ItAgainstTheTide.

It was a relentless and listlessly obvious and impressionistic pursuit of, during it all.. suiting themSELVESYetAgain. There’s a wishing-well inside of their tear-laden eyes and we cannot but

… let…

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Festival of FuN.

It’s a scream/ a screen SHARED boisterously between… … two make-believe people – With an honorary ability to e-a-s-e their way in, out.. and provably about. “They were

For the

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