-The Race Had InFact Been R—-—-AN.

They haven’t even seemed to be seen to have stopped divulging their greater senses of drinking all too much alcohol anyMORE(… …) whilst their malfunctioning minds fail at finding/F-U-N-D-I-N-G…

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From Tantalised to Tawdry. And Back Again.

All of the sin/SCENE taken from the form of next to nothing, actually – this sense(ScInTilLATED-at-1st!) of distinguished bliss, isn’t it jUSt this

Amalgamated tHiNg oF morningtime frustration spared-AND-shared epicALLy…

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-they’ve been chained to the tRuTh(!)

Yes they keep fizzing along and at a pace of precious underexpoSURE actually. Having been anticipated and for weigh too l——ong a time, it’s been opening ON UP again…

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Her RosyRedRedemptiveImagination.

She spoke in a cutoff of upsetting syllable, of too much time and occasion put UPon her Hahahahaha-hands to NOT

CReaTe unputdownable Art(.) Her heART started… … everywhere actually; even…

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– Trusting in the Process.

They do seem to seriously sequence themselves between being argumentative and utterly dismissive and on UTTER BLISS of Upsidedown purPOSE(.) To Pose, actually, NO SUCH THREAT, rather in-fact

A single-most…

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-When Things Make Mediocre Sense Of Themselves.

They’ve distinguished themselves from their level best; ultimately impressed the shit out of themselves a-whilst their truest version of brand new lies tended to make

Miraculously meaningful sense: a held…

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-Acting The Smart-Apart Maggot.

She will speak at a pace now of prioritised bliss, will kiss these heavenly features of his ‘Til

He’s been brought brightly back – to that alternative plACE of, actually,…

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A tWiStEd Survival Technique.

This discombobulating instance had to have meandered and started somewhere so very soon actually; had to have had its own sense of pride-filled injustices going on ALL ALONG. What…

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-Addicted to the Shindig.

It’s this priority which didn’t even seem to want to make anymore sense of itself, actually; what we have achieved is fine and fancy and a little BIG bit……

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What Did They Actually Do?!

I don’t think they’ve been thinking about anything else other than this bombastic element of utterly disgusting investment, in this decidedly oDdLy comatose thing/ these pecuLIAR(!) people have lied…

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.To Propose A Toast.

It has and will AND shall be utterly unified, uNiQue and dutifully DISQUALIFIED: from this brutalist life, of often than NOT overbearing hypocrisy

They appear to have faced the fear…

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