Their reverberating heartstrings are fantastic actually, this ingenious thing of officially amalgamated persistence even when—

((These passengers have played their.. relatively fair and game part in it all..)) As a…

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Uproarious Survival Says It With Whispers Sometimes.

It isn’t that they didn’t seem to like having these contrarily ambiguous big-BAD-CHATS; about this-AND-that… other thing known-to-be

Outrageously ego-filled interpretation, actually(!) and a-c-u-t-e-l-y Aware As to Their (very-own) sense…

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Scorched At The Surface. And STILL Standing…

This torpedo-like state of inhospitable anxiety cannot continue with its tasteless sense

Of initiated AND FalselyFelt Disaster; for this woman has

Been back to where the mInd cannot EVERAGAIN belong, been…

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– Chats Over Coffee And Cream.

These particular people appear to have actually added an utterly additional sense of purposeful trepidation to the mIx, and it’s— ALL of it been coming and at: predominantly pedantic,…

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The Will To Design Beautiful Things.

They’ve designed to a duty to something much more.. maybe memorable? Maybe even… enough of one such made memory to make a few too many people “wow” in wonder….

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Touched by the Shape of a Shadow.

They’ve reminded themselves of a thousand thoughts per time- per mile of minute. Per.. agonised hour. How did they very nearly Never-Survive?! But because, and this is the WHOLEWIDE…

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“Adored for a Reason.”

Irrevocably it’s been this mere meandering of thing – it’s.. seemingly also BEEN an Also-Ran habitat which canNOT but

Care to cater for these- doses of non-supportive people.. they kNOw…

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Hard Hatred For What Exactly

How it felt was phenomenal actually, only in a most dutifully disgusting instance- for she took his very best breath away, threatening to upend his very nearly EVERYTHING. What…

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Hopes that Shape the SurFACE of the Sun.

They shovel the shit because they can and will – tie their kindred minds to this widening spatial sense of saturating Awareness; be EAGER, plEASE:

And continue to GO(!!) ON(!!!)…

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Suicide-Sisters Of Anticipation Hill

With these painting utensils they WILL dedicate and decipher UNIQUELY between: being good and being.. undeniably GREAT// that higher-level feeling

At being seen-to-be: Beautifully MedIoCrE actually; to sit and stand…

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Striking Whilst The Iron Is ALWAYS hot!!

You’ve definitely managed to create perhaps even precisely what you wanted to be creating at this moment in time. That’s it. That’s what the hard scribbles did, and to…

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