Eyeballs on !C£: People Of VENTriloquist Minds

We’ve keenly been breaking the barriers and sitting to stand still antsy anyway.. there were mish and mashed up people of hilarious understanding who didn’t even wish for

Iconoclastic everlastings….

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The Devil’s Sun’

If there was silly secondary sedation then they were definitely wriggling about this distantly dishevelled place and aching to feel – faraway and oblivious, Too, to the state of…

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bulletproof Bewilder

If we were preparing ourselves both gently and mentally

for the jovial-ness of a show stopping MAsterclAss in bravado led intricacy then we may as well’Ve been interesting everybody…

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‘Must CONtain NuTs’

Course it contained all nuts and utter institutionalisation. And of course we went in anyway and warbled like a pair of pill instilled reprobates. When we spend three decades…

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“What If We Were Hardwired To StayAl!VE?”

We’ve heard a roundabout-town toe-jerking rumour and we probably (((problematically))) wanna Call their utter mother bloody bluff. It’s highly unlikely that they have earned the place at the table…

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‘Guns Grabbed & HAB!TS Actualised’

If we knew of the Neanderthals AT THE BACK then we definitely most certainly – PROBABLY – knew

Of a “PHEW!” Too many = self-proclaiming imbeciles:: with their whimsical…

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Boiling It Down To… Being Brian 😃

Saturday. 25th November. Lads coming over for the evening and heading into Bandon later on. I’m happy. That’s all I got to say, really ❤️ There isn’t really a…

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