Pedro the Pilates teacher
Always dressed to impress
The class of nine
Stretched his limbs
May interest you to know
He was a mighty fan of the PIMMS
Neither here nor there though
5 o’ clock
Time to get going
Looking at Rebecca Rowntree
He’d need to apply
Downward dog push-ups
In order to get her juices flowing
Owed to a sturdy flight of stairs
She’d already found herself in a fluster
Some were trim
But thinking about it some more
Pedro decided the bunch also required
The Butt Booster

Most were fat
& whenever it was time to take a water break
The clapped out bench in the corner
The place where they always sat
Energy sapped
He didn’t like Arnold
Because he smoked on his
When he did perform a task
The 1st & 2nd floor of Pedro’s studio was guaranteed to quake
Everyone was looking for a little
Stress Relief
When his classes started
They knew what they needed
To forget about the day job
Set themselves apart
Pedro the Pilates teacher
There to keep their focus
His favourite student had to be Enrique
A lovable Spaniard
Head of red ringlets
Heaps of energy
Enough for everyone really
Well almost… nearly
Poor Peter Parker
Halved his name with a superhero
Although he was never gonna be anything other than
A big fat zero
Never knew what he was supposed to do
He ended up sick
Most of the time
Head lent over the loo
A class of misfits
For sure
Some prospered
Most declined
Pedro the Pilates teacher
Looked at the wall
Stared at the class roster
Everything needed to change
When everyone was gone
He dimmed the lights
Introduced himself to a bottle of PIMMS