Daftly over-exposed were those who stupidly dared to rigorously reimburse (their) thirsty souls (once more)
She who (suddenly) swore that to thrive was a constant measurement of (sudden-most) survival Via the unique bridging back together ((yet again))
Of these dutifully disadvantaged, oft-than-not aptly angered people . Living lives lived separately together and simultaneously bloody interspersed

All-over the whole of the globetrotting, imploding and enclosing world , a three-tiered thing of both teary-eyed and tyrannical imprisonment, perhaps ? As it wrestles wrought-iron amidst: these peripheral people of pill-popping persuasion aside sentimental overexposure –
Oh, my – but to look (deeper) inside (of) their argumentative eyes is to feel the weight of their black-hearted and lock-tight demise , and she’s been serenely smoking rolled-up Golden Virginia cigarettes — to smell her strongest sense of pent-up regret .