Just the other day, know what a random girl had to say
That I was probably odd
I write odd stuff
Of course I was taken aback, I mean it may have been tough on her part, not to mention I was already feeling rough from the night before
I really don’t know what to think, should I drink another drink or does the poem then turn itself into a ridiculously outrageous also-ran
Too many grammes of odd, or should I think about it a little less, in fact be rather proud
Perception is reality, and each of us is writing a story all of our own it seems
So to that ‘queen’ this is all I have to say, I’m probably odd, and maybe it’s time for me to cease the day
So what if I write a little/a lot left of centre, sure doesn’t that open it up all the more to people’s attention
Something that I need to enter my life
I really don’t know what’s the best way to go
All I do know is that I’m starting to write with the intent of making someone like her, someone who mightn’t be my biggest fan in the world, Ireland, Cork, Courtmacsherry think I have what it takes
That my probably odd is an altogether good thing
Stop thinking about it
Get off the laptop and go for a smoke, ring a friend and see what they have to say
Perception is reality