That war tore us all inside-out – had to have done, really
We increasingly imagine what we might have now
And it is OK, simply has to be
– we are both here, still there, of course
Looking forever forth, a way to seal an uninterruptible fate
Vigorously stored within – a dust-ridden treasure chest of seething hatred carried aloft by some far more than many others

There is a time and a situation, perhaps, for all of that blasphemous, fair needless carry on
Bullets smear spattered blood awash, piercing stabs to hearts which shall, and will, start all over again come another such generalised generation
Noteworthy, for we won back the 26 – eventually
All of it priceless for that time, this place, in fact
Smiling eyes for what we may have managed to achieve, however unwillingly justified

Our brothers in bloodied arms paying it devotedly, all too readily, forward in one such word
Namely, Fire!!
And enemies eyes perish upon our precarious ’til steadfastly safe parish
For only ever these heady reasons as such
To which we will continually stitch aforementioned stop – start hearts in salutated memory
When a soliloquy century relinquishes the fear aside a negligent enemy’s rather irregular necessities
Via a dire and fleeting aside altogether problematic year

It is all right now, albeit emblazoned oh so strong upon our rewinding to reminisce time after time minds
That feeling never too distant, too far off
Softened to the touch of a son who lost a warlocked father
The outright need for a dependent democracy
Poised as the most important thing in the whole of our immediate rip – worn world – how poetic would that be?