“Where in the name of Harry do you get your inspiration from?”

“Huh! From you – anyone.”

“Really!? How come?”

“Just ‘cos, ye’re the very folk on up inside a poem.”

“Druggies, strippers… drinkers?”

“Yip, all of ye, perhaps just mish – mashed together a little. Anyone and anything, really.”


“Hopefully, ya. It needs to be.”

“Tad difficult to grasp from time to time though.”

What stripper or alcoholic isn’t, to be fair.

“Ha, touche, douche.”

“Cheers. I’ll dullard it down a Tad, then. Just for you ‘n yours, of course.”

“Please do. Sometimes it appears to me like you’re off in another world altogether.”

“Perhaps I am. But, so you do know, I’m trying to land back down safely enough.”