A bandy-legged man carries with him a motherfuckin’ silver-plated ashtray plan

Brill brilliance indeed – delicately dips a high-end Metallica fork on in piscine-pristine, high-art fortified, fontified – if we might so very much as like to take to divulge aside fair rapturously interrupt to juxta-suppose an honest-to food-for thought bare-savoured, -savioured thing or ten

Settles his undeniable sinking-violet pen and counts to eleven again… until all that is superficially supreme shrinks itself down to elegant, quite delicate size
ink-spills set to serendipitous-thrill these hangry and viciously perched, hostilised individuals
searching to find the preparatory reader promising to be within We

Rapturize to the cut-dry juiced and willingly suggestive bone, please, feather-some pretender of seemingly forever peripherally visionary ours

There is two of us in it to win it outright – to ten thousand by Chinese Whispers sound can be extra-added-on-upon bonus nice
He walks when he talks
– – – – – – – – – – –
and he shall use this incredulous utter motor-mouth to make up a dastardly difference by the quiet concentrated end – Yes you are his dependent few et vice-versa

Verses, eh…