If we can hold our breathes and hurry are we perhaps really-ready: to regulate Ourselves and to Start at having a swan-song heart?

Or, Are we INFACT prepared to spare our VeRy own weekly blushes this sensation of nerve-entangled Time and all other unfairly egotistical things which do, Indeed, have a larger part to play! Even if, both when… AND then, and NOW!!

The Zen is (AcTiNg ThE MaJoR MaGgOt and Nowhere near) working for itSelf. To bring the church to a place of worship is to burn its earthly BeLoNgLiNgS again

And to start where his feet meet the heat of the stations of the unmentionable CROSS!!
D to a place of wOuNdUp and wandering desires,

With a fire in their eyes, they WILL witness his greatest reprisal