Let’s say, in total comparison to OCD-land. So, the imbalance of OCD is like a violin being played, you will have to play it inevitably, that just the imbalance doing its thing. However, let’s say, you try and play it as beautifully and as professionally as you possibly can, by never letting yourself veer toward playing the incorrect strings: unnecessary strings which aren’t really a part of this particular song you’re playing anyway. Those, let’s say, are the OCD strings: the wildly awry strings, the strings played which make no musical sense except for utter noisiness. That’s the OCD imbalance wreaking havoc in your brain. But remember, you still get to play the instrument either way it works itself out. So, yeah, play that violin, and it will, indeed, be to your relative detriment, even-though more-often-than-not you can’t help this part happening, and play it as sweet and as beautifully as you possibly can… without ever going near the horrible sounding, highly incorrectly played strings which, well, yeah, will knock the whole song off-balance, off-centre 😊 🤷‍♀️ So, yeah, either way you are playing a beautiful violin, as in you will want to see this whole thing as a positive in your life and inside of your brain, even. It isn’t positive, of course not. Not by a long stretch! But you can choose to make it as beautiful as you possibly can, anyhow ❤️