He’s prepared to mix to suit whichever may well tend to match

A seriously, righteously hatched maniacal plan was this seemed to be improper thing

Of only ever fair silently his

Or not, rather

Immediately from the starry-eyed beginning

These people walk on into his fictionalised world at a mile a stressed//to make an unmatchedly unknowing impression//minute

And yes, he does feel as though he takes to pressing the correct key with the very same natural born accuracy aside strenuous intimacy of one peculiarly just pianist

Hong Kong born and raised to play

Slash these tapestry keys, pretty boys of ours to simply placate to replicate, at bounce-about ease, they say

Yet… why does this need to be in any manner of tweaking the difference social media-driven, however…

… Surely there are ten thousand better ways to skin this curious cat called BOD – no, not the bloody rugby player for fuuksaaake…

Yes indeed, ‘humour’ like this will never work a treat, to defeat the whole entire purpose of which

Criss-cross from intent, to suddenly so dangerous loss in meaning

Namely, Lang Lang
Back upon said meaning – who will play these sophomore keys of none too silently his either


Pair us on up, snare the life from it extraordinaire

‘Til there you collaboratively both are

Gain without the pain, at crazily creative atop questionably carefree will

You could stop now and wouldn’t care less