They ran and played and danced and suddenly Stopped to watch the whole thing Crumble and Burn
Immediately before their Twisted eyes – a building take preposterous Flame
And the pain became Stitched to their every subdued whereabouts
Careless people standing in fatigued tow, having forced themselves to the Screaming bone
To Commit Just This Perilous Crime
Villaged chinese – whispers had supposed only so much
Proposed a far more Hostiled existence about to incur
With many a wasted matchstick at Trembling hand, seems the bastardised flame wore itself out long before any of this Tempestuous upheaval took it haphazardly upon itself
To stain an otherwise lucrative existence
Thieved away Precious Memories in a blink ‘n’ We miss it instance
And the rubble Troubles itself to try and rewind on up Inside
Rewind Us all of a far superior time