Missing In action and acting improperly knotted in a tight tied bow of beautifully corrupt insistence: her struggle to send these things in an immediate AND STRAIGHTARROW direction of inordinate discretion

Has acted separately and… somewhat/someHOW(!?) happily again. These warring and sparring parts of her Artistic tick-tick-tocking intelligence. All fences are UP… and
N now, actually. They’ve been acting rather outrageous and carrying with them… then, this sense of TwIsteD and straight faced bliss. She’s happy that they are not happy that she is- as suspected and repeated until- HaPpY as a bag of erstwhile and bothered artists which WILL stick tightly together… …

To be everywhere which has playfully permitted her the time
To lavishly unwind/ cracking open a bottle of superior fine Whine..

Her tantalised fingers will… await the entire envelopment of said bottle of.. “sadness enhancing HAPPINESS(!?)“

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