She will dress herself meticulously on up and push things to a perilous point of pride-filled upheaval – looking, longing, damn well searching to steal it all away
Every next mouthwatering bit, we can almost feel it, can’t we just
We must…
The carefully positioned opposition do cross their stop-start hearts amidst the ordeal of a lifetime and say that she has become rather unusually accustomed to this, her natural born wits – intricate and breathing of their own typically overblown accord – appear to be marvellously unmatched in their downright steely nature
No such stranger to deep, deep devotion, she’s been our beestung queen since the seriously unsettling beginning
A necessary kind of all too reliant potion lies relatively disguised within – glimmering in a justifiably sickening manner ’til letting itself touch the unaccustomed surface for the first sublime time, thirst almost quenched
Aforementioned opposition drenched to the stricken bone
Please do your very best to prise it oh so gloriously wide open
Only then can we place our slain and entirely bloodied hands in the crazily welcoming air and admit to having clutched at straws, sizeably coped like never before
Seen defeat and stepped away from these monstrous jaws that seem to want to become entangled in their very own egotistical mess – over-impressed only ever by themselves, conversation thinning, eventually spinning in confused and frustrated circles ’til it hurts so much – they did it to themselves
When the shoe gets to adorn the other foot altogether