For this extra spectacular tracking-device activity
Where addicts hone in simply incredible – to settle their persuasive personalities once more
These drugs have been harshly rushed to silently so stored, matter of dastardly fact to admit this
… … …
But some deceptively disguised within a tantalised derrière – amazing just what these crazed minds can and will find the preposterously misdirected albeit no less prioritised time to do
With only ever themselves
Right under the cold-shouldered belly exterior
of a middle-aged lonesome lady’s all too learned at money-hungry will governmental slur
Ironic, really
Sitting to suit her own over-egotistical mannerisms it does tend to undeniably seem to unfathomably appear to be – battle-hardened to the self-righteous, close-eared core
Of her individually irregular necessity to falter and listen to all of the incorrect people
Then there is Me – away on a whim, as penniless as the very brand new day that he was born into this peculiar thing
A two decade prison-sentence of fukwit sorts only to somehow, anyhow have sought to come out far stronger at the other side … e v e n t u a l l y, so you know
Still shy, still rather rightfully self-aware as to the sudden possibilities for relapse//grandiose demise
To fair problematically be nonetheless neglected at ridiculous will
Distilled brand new pedestrian upheaval – Cop the fuck on and Save me, or at least be kind enough to lay these elementary foundations of which
Hate to say it but, pretty Please…
I beg because you do indeed need to release rational fear…
even if the rest – that utterly irrational stuff per say – took a thankful duck to dive on out of here
Yes, you most probably guessed it
amidst this seriously thick-wit brain, yet I will destroy you one word per rhyme
Rather ironically again, I have the time