When their moody-moods did the dissuading of their very own and she accidentally hit herself in the clear-EAGER face and felt… … … “swelteringly momentary, indeed.” She’s

Joining in on the absolute PANic-aTtaCks happening inside of hayw!red minds. “Gently, they’ve veered.. ANNND steered their hectic heads toward their (very) own side of silenced bliss.” It’s
So damn-downright diffiCULT for them to (have to) explain the intricate details happening inside of a bomBARDed, BOMBasT!C brain. We’ve

Ably addressed the ins & outs of a pitch.. ahem, -ImPerFeCt master-SLASH-dIsAsTerPEACE, and Even if

We went and took the best nestling of breathless people to that aforesaid other place – “of promising AND paralysing delirium, they’d still (MOST-PROBABLY) attempt to intricately underSTAND ALL OF

These rApScallIon Hands that wrapped-right-round and collapsed atop of her
Tasty little face (aGA!N) – “blood-ridden, indeed, and deliriously REAL!” And so ******* full of dutiful awareness that WE JUST CAN’T {cease ourselves enough {times} to know how to} CARE… . About wind-sweeping despair

And her {SUPER}natural nature – indeed, an ability to set her mind to seed and to say: “what WE need.”