bruised and tattered, still happening
a halo over west cork city – avid individual of inscribed bewilder
to take both turn and transform this exhausted and sincerely insignificant framing of maddening intellect

and for it to soar eagle eyed overhead with its wits still simpering to suddenly saunter

shall we simultaneously suggest

a redundant version of productive inactivity, is to wipe clean these slates of certain-most derision
multiplied (both mutilated) by a mountain of medicated incision

of one mind stringently BOTHERS to barter and find.. a roof to live sanely within, finally
a sudden swarming of sophisticated opportunity to per chance purchase
that of another person’s “sophisticated” intellect

is to momentarily paraphrase and delicately misguide

all advantageous eyes, torpedolike by design and they will instinctively turn themselves beneficially toward

all abstract skies
of meaningful misunderstanding and alarmed silence both rigorous insolence

shifted and skeletal man of lassoed arm – and this cigarette smoke will seep thinner still – in-between disingenuous lungs
which seem set upon some kind of breathless survival