Puppet, string, her pretty little nasty appearances THAT HAD TO HAVE BEEN. Maybe she’s sent the PERSUADED people over the TOP but because — all else they’d to do was to stare at the state of the nightly MOON : “and rightfully OR wrongfully assume

That they’ve been chosen inside of their own timidly expressive minds.” She’s watching the Netflix and changing into her over-EXPRESSIVE ballet-gear at the same time __ for the sake of taking it UP a mother effing notch AGAIN .

They don’t like her type round _ here. Even if they’ve SEEN- “a million thousand hundred other thunderous things. She’s watched paint dry, SO WE will cliché SAY it, while crafting to create CEASELESS self-medication PROcess, please.”

And we surely don’t like them, we LOVE THEM, though __

For the nonstop part they played in plying their trade amidst utter ******g upside-down disintegration __ of a mostly acrimoniously EXPLOSIVE mind, creating to craft their very own DAFTly sedation