Over time her face began to crumble like a most corrosive rock
My mother
Bear with me for I come only bringing gifts
Of a life all over again
Most certainly heaven-sent
Fastened to your hospital bed, perhaps, but it does seem that we may just need to do this
You gave me life and now, for my final gift, I give to you a far less pain-filled fall from grace
Clasped hands by your chiseled face, here we see an unenviable race against time
You already did so much as whisper in my ear, tell me that you were prepared to settle your one score
I abhor this but I do indeed hear what you say
“Why, oh why delay the inevitable, my Preciosa!!?”
I shudder then think, a solemn and steady blink before pouring on in
Thinning your every vein ’til the monitor slows its pace
The dangerous albeit steadfast race is on
Doctors running on absolute empty
Of course, nothing compared to you
A few light smiles on what can now only be deemed a quite literal half-hearted part
Starting to snooze, I soon see I am losing you
All over again
When they rush on in they heavily barricade me against a waiting wall
I may well go to jail for the rest of mine but I never, ever get to forget your most gracious fall, dear mother