Roasting hot day outside
All that I want to do is get out there
To throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt
And go down the pub to drink too much beer with friends
To laugh at all the silly things going about the place
To smile at the things that always make me smile
‘Til my face feels sore
To come home and remember all of the good things that happened
The drunken old man with the weather-beaten face who wouldn’t, couldn’t stop drinking
Want to fall asleep safe in the knowledge
That there are many days like that to come
When the laughing continues late on into the night
I getting to make newer friends along the way
Class-clown coming to the fore once more
Unable to flick off his boots even if he wanted
Always saying the right thing, making everyone laugh along the way
That’s what I want right this minute more than anything else
Well, that and to make this poems read as well as I possibly can
Can’t be such a hard endeavour
What with such a colourful day for me to go about describing