With our manicured, seriously breathing feet
Intertwined and seen to simply feel contrarily conjoined at absolute will
In a most satisfactory fashion – immediately at the hip, please
Head to boisterously set toe – extraordinarily exciting, isn’t it just…
We stare in one another’s every direction, utmost discretion to a cause of a jaws wide open lifetime
To jovially snare this gloriously pressed against behemoth wish-wash sea… of just yours aside forever mine?
Outright frightfully meticulous for its dangerous nature alone
Primed fixture-lists of which, to perch in a most precarious manner unmatchedly possible
Just perhaps downright heaven-sent for its seismic worth no less
Perfectly stressed
A wished for existence meant to amount to, been meaning to fragrantly occur
We’re on out there, can’t you see…
When we stood up to stroll, grasped one another’s harnessed hands to knowingly catch the opposing beauties sentimentally riveting whole wide world