Spike Island: this pl(ace) of irrepar(able) ANGST and un(enjoyable) ruminating spikes of the b(rain), only in a most in(sane) sense of loop/cycle SuRvIvAl.

A mishmash/MISMATCH OF MIND OVER MATTER, that MeRcIlEsS moment of un(parallel)ed and paralyzed mis(understanding); as her heavy head begins to find.. another upside down way to make UpSiDe DoWn sense of itself.. AGAIN?

When two OPPOSING corners war-with-words s-w-i-m-m-i-n-g IMMEDIATELY near the middle for her favourite best tr(end); to (radical)ly-both-BODACIOUSLY f-e-n-d

For the truest pieces of herSELF … …. ….. AGAIN!!

Amid this clusterSHOCK of un(announced) confusion and other Wildly Imbalanced Events – Please and SURELY by the END,

let her methodical nature SET ITSELF at entirely self/dependent again .