Looney Tunes – a lifelong memory
Something that we never, ever get to forget, an age-old story that will stick with us forever!
It most certainly has EVERY cartoon character we might ever need!
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, and that’s only mentioning two or three…
Next comes Elmer Fudd, Sylvester… Tweety, Wile E. Coyote… then The Road Runner and the likes
They do have us up all night, creating magic albeit STRANGE imaginations all over the world
Absurd and funny stories ALL about THE LOONEY TUNES
Fair’s fair, these guys have managed to give us some of the greatest animated cartoon characters ever!
“Eh, what’s up, Doc?”
“Gee, ain’t I a stinker!”
Annnd “It’s the suspense that gets me.” All catchphrases that come from our favourite animated friends that are set to live LONG in the memory
“Rabbit Theason!” PERHAPS, but TODAY is POETRY SEASON!!
But who is YOUR best character of ALL time?
For me it HAS to be… The Tazmanian Devil…
“RABBITS!” That’s what he says
A hungry sort, indeed
Willing to run all OVER the place so as to catch his dinner
No fear!! Bugs Bunny can ALWAYS manage to find a good and decent place to hide
With his funny face safe and sound behind a rock, watching the scary devil OH SO CAREFULLY while taking slow and responsible stock
Marvin The Martian a craaaazy kinda fella
Then there HAS TO BE Granny, always worth mentioning
Looking after the whole lotta them
I don’t really fancy the sight of The ugly Beaky Buzzard – the one with the BIGGEST beak in the world!!
Then there’s Little Red Riding Hood, who will ALWAYS eat her food – porridge of course – faster than ANY OF YOU you can EVER manage to do!
But we can definitely try! I mean, why not?
SO many stories… so little time for me to tell them all… but, truth told, I sure am glad I got to use my time AND my pen right here to write this rhyme for you
In such a funny and entertaining way, or so I hope
How ever will we cope as soon as The Looney Tunes gets taken from our tellies!?
Beats me…