The time is right by our whistle-stop procedure and we cannot but glue ourselves ridiculously by the Oktoberfloat spot

I dunno if they are willing and able to stick it out with us – these drunken handsome buffoons, the beers are clashing, dashing darlings… standing and sip-sip smoking, aside leaning in to steal beesting-lipped kisses from those heavenly pressed against their better positioning

While settling themselves down for many an unmatchedly expressive evening

Yes indeed, we own every night known to be… and the ignited, desirable fire flamed within our charming man eyes can cause our choice of feminine company to be … Just Otherworldly

Then she fast forwarded it all and made me a breakfast fit for any old King
Here I sit, piped cigarette split by the cliche seams, winding its way down, down, down … as did our screams-at-dawn everything

Seems silence is smouldering NOW