She dropped her cigarette, heaped in regret, dressed to the nines but feeling so Goddamn far from sublime right now
When it came to getting her man had she really done all she can
Been herself, wined and dined while he went about making the entire party laugh
But he failed to notice her laugh, her look, the endearing little mole above her right eye
She daren’t pry, knew what he was like, the right guy for her, even if towards the end of the night that cigarette-fueled voice came out through a relative slur
While he talked to a girl back inside, she looked through the window, oh so sad, had she had her chance?
Why hadn’t she strolled on up to him, grabbed his hand, asked him to take her out for a dance?
Was she missing the point, leaving herself upon that shelf, or would it take a little more time ’til he really got to see her, know her, feel her appeal?
This was a real love, she’d known about him for so very long, got off on his attitude, and it only made matters more difficult when he got up to the stage and sang one of her favourite songs
But he didn’t know that
There people sat taking it all in, ’til one girl smiled at him, stood to her feet, all too prepared to walk for miles in stilettos if it meant reeling him in, all she could think while she looked at her was she must have over the years committed many a man’s erotic sin
Was that what worked for him, was he all about the one-night stand, feet dug deep in the sand, hers curled over his shoulders
Right now, still stood outside, there seemed to be a mighty fine boulder between them