Those eyes, piercing, fleecing everything
Oh so magically
One second equates to a lifetime – besotted
‘Course I want her to be mine
Who would not want such a glorious and righteous situation to greet them just when it seemed far more akin to dead ‘n’ buried
We would get to locate ourselves quite wonderfully
By midnight ferry – Alicante, Spain or the likes
All-nighters, conversations which made even Stephen Fry appear rather also-ran
On into so many sunswept AMs it’s outrageous
A hangovers utterly soothed by her tickled foot inside of my lap, warm and completely cosy
A kiss to send everything skywards once more, safe to say that you know the score on that count
Seems whoever thought my life could amount to this is an out ‘n’ out fortune teller
Christ tonight, I’m welling up
But here she comes, my perfect thief