There is an utterly amazing animosity shared between these layabout people of bewildering and wildly verbose interruption- and they do tend to do it because..

It sort of means every next thing to them. The art is happening(HAS already actually happened) and they take a deep, silent and tender ten-second bReAth.

It is a ten-dimensional thing only in so far as these lacklustre people have been —

Riotously reprimanded and idealistically r-e-m-a-i-n-i-n-g peripheral and acting separately iconoclastic and ((HOPEFULLY!!) everlasting

The imagination leans and sways happily toward,
Happily, happily: Goddamnit happily(!) handling every single separate situation

Because she can and she did and she will and we like how she acts all about herself only when her mind needs the sufficient help

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