It is the excitement of the road to enticement, the also hoped-for absolute unequalled level/ of utterly singular representation: these have been

The tHunDeroUs DaZe oF AngsT alongside, paralysed understanding, actually. And STAND she did, with her mind wide-opening AGAIN and BENEFICIALLY becoming —

This starry-minded entitlement of undeniABLE aforementioned representation, meant to MEAN(!!) anything. “But, do well to remember this particular pART, please… …

That she DID IT ALL: with her hands AND mInD tied unCONtrollably behind her back—

Matter of mAdFaCeD fACT.” Her smile has been akin to that of a buoy BASHING AND CRASHING m-a-d-l-y amidst the EAGER sea/ reading with intricate detail..

Its very next bolster of BrEeZe, bare-naked and rEaL(?!?)