Pretty in whatever she does choose to wear, the ultimate procedure extraordinaire
She will somehow, anyhow, distil each and every last intricate little bit, sit with me you most sumptuous living, loving breathing thing
Catch this particular hand and care to dance amidst these conversational masterpieces which do tend to taking it rather jovially upon themselves to surround us – entice the life right through us once again
So soon as we let bygones be, see why it is exactly we remain forever painted upon by the other – the abstract pair to have and to be brazenly bold
Contractually obliged and undeniably unmatched for our attractive bohemian attitude alone
Wonderfully prone pretenders serendipitously creating it up as we go along
You are the radiant swansong playing on constant rewind on up inside of my besotted mind for a seriously longed to be lifetime
Please permit me this peculiar existence
Shostakovich, you are sweet, sweet music to my ears