I’ve been waiting and now I know
My words weren’t so good in the beginning so on I must go
Let the trip along the way bring about the sincerest flow in me
This was never going to be easy
Cheesy to say but one step at a time, the good with the bad and before you know it I get met headfirst with what’s sublime
People have their dreams and this is mine, to reach for the literary stars
End up on a par with the likes of Beckett
Hell, why not
I’ve been keeping an eye out and from lack of a modern day wordsmith why wouldn’t I be in with a shout
Not doing this by half, not in it for the big bucks, a quick laugh
I want my words to leap from their page sand entice, romanticise those of you who might think reading rather absurd
My book needs to read so damn well it manages to quell rumours that the book is on its way out, technology opening us up to a literary drought
Physically anyhow
So on I shall plough with my pen and paper, scribbling away ’til I get that spray of long overdue acknowledgement
And if it does happen I’ll know this much, it’ll have most probably been heaven sent