Try out and you will see that these moments are coated by everything absolutely sundry and naturally pressed for its hurting worth – I need to figure out just how it got to be this way in our beautiful brains

Can we sit and watch the wide world play at merry-go-found, stretch each other’s smothered egos til utterly accustomed with the souls of two pristinely kept people

See, I lean in and whisper sweet-nothings whilst keeping a manly way about myself amidst your undeniably pretty beesting features

They all see you
Only you… my dear delectable, respectable tomboy, are the last one left to notice

I’m a ghost with unfathomable diction, caressed til poisoned by irrational non-fiction

And I’m so goddamn sorry to say that my boundless energy may just turn out to be the only thing to kill We – walking up hills in his head