He stands immediately right by a place which has to fantastically mean

All of these things – then, again, all of frustratingly nothing: for this boy’s been insurmountably fixating against every known will … Endlessly fighting … Brain n’ cheek

These roving thumbs know no true bounds and have twiddled their very way to the concentrated core

Obsessed with managing to find any which way out from intricately beneath, because to live like This, afraid to say, he may as well himself be dead … even though the world awaits with wide opened arms

Akin to a three decade and four-year-old friend, who meant all of nothing in a suddenly gravely stood instance

They left their memories right back where his magical mind pandered and gargantuanly failed
To flow again …

When the pen took ferocious hold to seemingly never let go …
Neither person’s fault but for unmistakably faulty rewiring, for ’twas mysteriously … painstakingly … a wayward and utterly unanswerable thing which crucified his better being

And, yet, the blue-eyed boy appeared to undeniably be
Just Like He

This man still stands to battle hard and delicately deliver … and to constantly create a brand new reawakened pathway amidst undoubtedly pride-filled bravado, while another such person has left himself to pushing up daisies

“Pray for me … Oh fuck, please… .”
When it has all become one Christ Almighty hellhole … inviting on in

The speechless parts of the pair of them

The walk away, the talk – or rather silenced and eerily whispered speech bubble which he does best, cannot but impress these peripheral people who barricade his unasked for level of empathy – back over a yonder this quivering shoulder … upon an earth-ridden hill where one predisposed mother’s five white roses pose a most frighteningly suggestive ending … And the apologies from him begin to unwind and unravel all over again, for his inability to make it all make sense

“Buddy, this is OCD … It took me even when I was at my fearless best. Right now, I think you know I’m beside myself … What am I even doing right here … begging for glorious release? They didn’t even see it soon as I wrote of your days courtesy of my one-millionth pen. I didn’t want to tremble, see … that was that, This is me. So fucking real. Just I can’t make up for my frazzled mind either way. Someone say I make sense, please.”