Off to ‘Fishy Fishy’
With ye now
Enjoy the rare sunshine
Let the day
Soak itself away

It’s your birthday
So treat yourself well
With Deirdre, Mary, Nina & Mom
The company you’re keeping
Sure is swell

Have yourself a pint
Courtesy of Dad’s
Restauranteur client
Who’s given him enough vouchers
To last a lifetime
The place may be in debt
But in fairness
The owner’s hardly a swine

So as I say
Let the Kinsale day
Soak itself away
Take your hand out of your pocket
This ain’t no Eddie Rockets
The vouchers got this one

Visit The ‘Poet’s Corner’ cafe
A vanilla latte if you like
It’s near the ‘White Lady’
Just a few hundred yards away
Enjoy a cigarette
But don’t overdo it
Take one or two
If you find yourself starting to fret

Let me know how you get on
If it’s the perfect birthday treat
& when you return home
Be sure to grab that Leonard Cohen book
You bought
& rest your tired feet