The utter need to breathe each and every next infallible word right through them was downright manic – barbaric aside simply coquettish for its mere drive alone
When you’re all too prone to taking the whole (publishing) house down, one intricate and colour-filled syllable per time, terrifically kind on a million-and-one such wanton eyes
The acknowledgement was always a desperately sought after affair of its own seriously sworn accord
They sit and sip, and shake their procedural hips to your kind, kind summarise
Go right ahead, prise these people’s wickerwork minds wide open, won’t you just
Soon as you must
The thirst appears to be boundless, will sneer and steer itself in the correct direction
You will write in vain ’til such time as inevitable delight far outweighs necessary pain – all par for the most cliché course in the whole known world
Born to bounce aforementioned words about in the name of taste
‘Til there’s an altogether over-embellished ticker-tape parade in your meticulous honour
Just be careful not to make it a posthumous affair
Don’t You Effing Dare…