They’ve endlessly expressed medicated bewilder and went anyway with their wits stripped to the end of endlessly expressive tendencies. She’s trying at bribing to bring the airplane inside of her mind

To a sudden standstill. She’s been bricking it anyway and dragging her lazy old insane brain thru-out this thing called

“Why??” We love her, though, and we won’t let anyone or ANY thing else hurt her any more than before. It’s an electrifying level of sudden sUrviVaL. It’s… its very own thing with

Cello-taped wings . If they went in the wrong way they’ll probably-both-possibly get to see ANYWAY – “how the **** on earth their threadlike aforesaid tendencies try

To make peripheral sense {SOMEHOW} — of their rip-roaring selves .”

If we admitted to nothing we probably, LOW-AND-BEHOLD, admitted to having been — incessant about causing hot-wired minds to cry. She’s a maybe-MOST-DEFINITELY lopsided individual and definitely a “NOT TOMORROW!!!…” kinda mindless little layabout gal, and we have to

Take her hand and let her understand that it’s all of it been A BIG FAT ****!** GAME OF — uncertain certainty.