To marvelously amount – to something a rung and altogether tapestried, dastardly correct thorn above
To behold at will… to touch to feel
This tremblingly obvious and rather justifiable thing of seriously anointed sorts, perhaps?
Dare we threaten to sit and say so much, immaculately well cross-bowed at the break of quaking dawn
His yawn takes the time to find its narrowed in between – namely steamed coffee and boyhood dreams
To warm aside all too admittedly scald to within a thirst-ridden inch of a million beings
To absolutely, unequivocally create his beautiful way from out of here…
The Fear took him in, gesticulating to replicate downright improper fiction
Stitched and staunchly bandaged via transatlantic diction of theirs
‘Til this particular cap is flavoursomely tipped atop this table of gladdened his
To a thousand other far more sentimentalised, superior writers
The all-encompassing sedation second to simply Yeats, keen-eyed farmhand Heaney and the exciting likes of which
Like I say, to staunchly bandage to stitch aforementioned ink-rivered hearts immediately back together One footnote at a cherished/exactified time
See, unbeknownst to them they’ve been terrifically kind