What if they developed delicately estranged ways of thinking and caused it all to reimburse its soil-of-soul / no selling these pieces of precious Piedmont people out ever again.

“When… Unknowingly, they’ve lent their minds out for a price of sedated delirium.” They’ve even evened the imbalance enough times to paint themselves HAPPILY FOR THE REST OF THEIR ‘mediocre’ lives.

We aren’t even going to explain the ins-and-outs of a tWiStEd-UP-in-turmoil brain, aren’t even gonna really wanna — anticipate the state of starry-minded Said Sedation. “What if we take our time-of-turn {again} and begin —

Ending peripheral people’s counter-intuitive sentences so that they can admittedly stand-and-admire — our MY_OH_MY attempts at leaning in… and back again. “Like a yo-yo-efficient individual with

Undenied time to trawl inside of An Emptied A Million Times “BYE NOW!!” Mind?” Will it then be utterly worth —

All of these ten-million {{TOO-MANY}} sentences SENTENCED_TO_L!FE inside of our hardwired BrAiNs anyway. At the end.. of

Idiosyncratic aforesaid individual delirium, “please.” Let them see WHATEVER-THE-HELL makes mere-eager sense of itself anyway… any day, and some time so very fucking ludicrously soon… … . As we were assumed to’ve been these

HolocaustLIKE survivors of UNDENIED wideAWAKE mental bewilder ONLY MINUS THE PHYSICAL IMPRISONMENTS and plus a maladjusted understanding