Speechless and highly improbable / her anorak perspectives can tend to dilute otherwise under-liquidized minds; those same sane and savory kinds which will spontaneously keep developing at a pace of rapturous upheaval aside painstaking bewilder: flowing.. ever-still and, fair fontaniously, ever-knowing!! Oceanic-ally speaking and deftly prepared to pander, p-a-u-s-e and pour.

.. all over our whitewashed souls / those infamously ambivalent urges of locomotive commotion which have been furiously instilled with over-emotive splurges of under-announced debris aside sudden-most chaotic conservation.

Soon as whenever, really, the clashing of both hyperactive aside hyperbolic hierarchy shall simultaneously intensify itself and fondly follow its very own sense/route of outright crashing angst of/and/aside meandering magnificence/understanding

Soon as she kisses the (four!?) corners of the earth/world/globe with her curbed enthusiasm.