Pure-class inside of mesmerised minds. A class to clash and CaUsE uS aLl to cOmBinE!!

“we’ve championed ourselves to the Point of Pure and Utter: misunderstanding from the outside staring-on-in.”

Even when it wasn’t about the way she spelled herself in yet again, against the grain and remaining == “on a level of soothing segregation and she just won’t care.”

Why weren’t they cleaning-out other people’s minds, and WHY WEREN’T they — “aforesaid mesmerised By Notoriously windswept eyes.” She’s acted ordinarily and rushed-on-in anyway. Like a vagabond desire who carries storM-in-a-teacup eyes

They like to cry with their PRESS-PAUSE minds on “repeat-AND-REW!ND.” Why are(n’t) the people with prioritised minds actually ably aching to feel another hundred-million-things anyway? And

Why aren’t they SUNSET-SUBMERGED… “in something beyond delectable and about to break bread with an unforgettable level of silence SO LOUD it cannot count?”