Simply sensational, touch upon it and you Will begin to scintillate – like clockwork crazy, beyond any known set reasoning, or God – given belief at that

Aforementioned touch pressed to caress to meet unmatched taste – immaculate for its devoured worth alone
And, then, she came on in and oh so subtly thieved all of you, every next beating to bleed again piece away – gladly, softly, damn downright precariously

Needless to say, this sexually prepped breath tends to the pair of us
Cross her thumping heart and fixate these charming Irish eyes right back around

To pound the pavement of all too savioury dreams with this particular fairytale Virginia Princess in gleaming tow – ever – knowing, sent to flow akin to nothing quite like we’ve ever seen
May just get to be the most enlightening it lends itself to appearing in all of a quickened and spiritually imagined instance

She thinks for the two of us, can’t say fairer than that