I want to know what you say when you see me
I want to see what you say when you leave me
Do whatever you might like to do, take it to your grave for all I care
I ain’t hoping on a wing and a prayer no-more
I stand here entirely satisfied by my decision, and if that manages to bring a certain degree of dereliction with it then so be it
I asked for this in the first place, did I not?
I may be happy, albeit rooted to the spot
Silence can indeed be golden
For sure
There a certain degree of purity in what we do
Don’t you think?
Needless to say, don’t you dare ever take it upon yourself to shrink on me, be the best that you can ever be!!
Therein the real truth/lies
I want to be there when you take me down
I want to get to pull your chair right from beneath you, watch you fall helplessly upon the cobblestoned ground
Seems I was always there in the first place