Time for me to take a well-earned break I think, a lapse when it comes to my rhyme? Not so much, just it seems to me I’ve been using my writing, my poetry for a crutch, something to fill my time rather than get on out there
But in all fairness, it’s a hard thing to knock seeing as it has helped me along the way in getting on with my day
Hard not to write when it’s all that you know, but in this life I’ve lately learnt that on you must go
With other prospects, different projects that inject a little more life into you
I’ve seen a few too many people with nothing to gain from the endeavours they do try, their interest, it waxes and it most certainly wanes
Something new
So while the writing goes about gaining some authority all of its own accord, without me adding one single word for a while, I think I’ll try and make myself smile some other way
So indeed, on with my day, appreciating everything out there
The fact of the matter is this, I’ve grown a little tired of my own company, I mean I’m a fun-loving lad but I do think I need to meet new people, even as much as a girlfriend perhaps, someone who keeps my mind ticking over, no time for lapse
Interest, that’s what it’s all about, and I don’t need to be impressed 24/7 for that to stay with me, but then again, I do pray that I can and will go back to my poetry as soon as I need a fix, to a certain degree anyway
So, please, do me this one favour and bare with me