There’s Noyek
O’ Driscoll
& Lynch
With talent running the core
They won’t miss an inch
Lynch goes by the name ‘Bantum’
He’s getting too big now
For the likes of Phantom
Djing at The Picnic
While Ger Duffy got famously sick
On Buckfast
Then there’s Minogue
An artist like no other
Clasp your eyes on his art
You’ll raise your hands to the heavens
& thank his mother
O’ Driscoll’s special
‘Cos he’s got that rare thing
Called foresight
It’s true
But I’m a little biased
Being his brother
So I’m bound to sing
It from the rooftops
He’s not like many others
Noyek’s one of a kind
When it comes to graphic design
With looks to match the talent
New York won’t know what hit it
He’ll be out on his own
But he’s lucky he dodged a bullet
With the Jewish background & didn’t inherit
A huge shron
Four boys with enough to crack
The big time
Then there’s me
I like to write poems…
My name’s Brian