Dedicated desires for the places of rubbish and dirt and all things peripherally Hurteded. People who be-SIEGE AND b-e-a-t their own barb wired Chests & To The Sounds of The Shock-Absorbing undergROUNDS… … … of blue-collar beer put upon the p-a-u-s-e… … … of the round of APPLAUSE house!!

Affable, albeit..
Equally: This sudden turncoat in eventLESS EVENTS that shall HAVE to HAVE happened, & Consequentially amid this, THAT.. … everyTHING !! of an Early-AfterNOON Standing to become- officially inebriated & to the horns of their immersive and PROPELLED beings:

Indeed, THESE lethargically ENHANCED lapses in clearness of … consternation-both-EAGLE-EYED CONCENTRATION !

A Decimating DEMON-Stration
To drink IS TO THINK!
(that) This (prioritised) drink shALL ((recklessly)) imbed ITSELF (((mercilessly))) WITH-IN… …

his fed-up & BARB-WIRED hands & For “one. last. time”, and to the PULSATING point of NO KNOWING return-to-Sender… IMMEDIATELY: “Sweet Jesus, pl-EASE.”

As a dutifully disinterested AND EQUALLY DISJOINTED self-exclamation Takes WRITER-ly pride of
indeed… …

“Yes!!” she W-I-L-L SCREAM and s—c—r—a—m ———)

——————)HURRIEDLY AWAY ((from him)) with each-and-EVERY brand new dawn of deteriorating Day.