She waits on it all to make sudden kinds of sense again, been pushing for this only ever really imagined existence to represent her outright

To simply be: a million nights, a million-and-one fantastically extracurricular activities

Touch-to-taste extravagances soon as this particularly meticulised, downright fabricated imagination stretches itself to the fantastical point of irreversible perfection

She breathes and soon these beautiful people take to flow to follow resolute suit – when what appears to her to have forever been set in folklored stone finally starts to majestically unravel, gets to telling a whirlwind story all of its own – the prone pretender extraordinaire, stared into the agonised abyss in a roundabout way to come back breathtakingly Stronger

You be the moth, she the untameable flame

An inner she silently begins to travel and gather rather wonderfully all round – we’ve waited for just this to occur, she needs to realise

A most willing chameleon of unrivaled sorts – too long disguised, rigorously discussed

Soon as she saw it all ’till unleashing the real masterpiece within

Been begging for this going on twenty years now

The same one’s who stayed the disgrace are the exact one’s who watched and oft broke her fall