They, shall we state it, stay the distance and say: “rile Hannah Montgomery’s unmanageable mind and make it feel – fed-up and furious, PLEASE, and all kinds of Kiiinda KINDLY.” She’s

Up-all-day (And Sometimes acting AcHinGly sIlLy in the Nighttime, too} and weighing-UP her sense of humour against these timidFACED PEOPLE. We seem.. shall THEY say it again: “adjustably aDdLeD and not at all — {RE-}invested in these projects-of-people who really DID seem

Undeniable and wild-MINDED AND certifiably away on a sting and a ping-pong ball type tournament-of-MinD.” Why weren’t they playing with their adverse state-of-BELEAGUERED-bewilder and becoming — SOME will scream-IT-and-say: “DEFINITIVE PEOPLE whose dreams REALLY ARE wideAWAKE and worth their waiting PROcess for the sake of

… … … Wearing the t shirt and burning it down to the collarbone of creation anyhow.” If she really was a net-WoRtH NervOuS predicament of an entitled female individual then she’ll have

Additionally aDdLeD unAddLeD and saddled-to-the-same-THOUGHT-PROCESS type minds ‘til tied To the perfect percentage-of-necessity to make them feel – “dreadfully real.”