On its own
Right there for you to see
Where I will sit each and every day, waiting it out rather ridiculously
Oh so patiently
Head inside of my sweat-ridden palms, I long for your hands to cradle then envelope me
Eternity sure would be nice
I do write, even as much as call
Falling entirely
While I shudder here alone, akin to a masterful ball of misshapen sorts
I really ought to have known better
I’m dreading your very next answer, please come dance for me all over again
Ignore the rest – beard-grazers, staring in utter distaste, only ever intent on fondling a pair of freeze-frame breasts
Just out of high school, perhaps
How many impressions like this did you leave?
A promiscuous albeit remiss thief with dollar bills crowned all around your waist
A string of ogling men in hot pursuit – nine-to-five suits grasping in the dark to finally find your cherub face
A most immaculate thief
I’m drunk now, so please, please come steal me away all over again
The prettiest penny I’ve ever seen