There’s an ultimate ultimatum which needs to be answered and figured-out for itself: ASAP, as she breathlessly(creatively speaking) will bReAthE…

With her eyes fastened TIME AGAIN(!) to the le-—-ngth AND BREADTH of this WIDE-AWAKE CANvas; “can she really though…make this specific piece of CANTankerous paper speak for itself?

Possibly. Probably, a PROfessional endeavour met with lashings AND cLaShInGs(!!!) of nonstop phrases, which W-I-L-L swim and SOAR Rambunctiously inside of her

“Hahaha!!” head. She IS a Quantifiable comedian, a MATTER-OF-FACT somewhat(!) conservative conversationalist! A stay-awake Masterpiece —-
P-E-A-C-E-F-U-L: “if we will let it be.”

Of her own steed and u-t-t-e-r reckoning

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