Safe to seemingly say that they just must be freezing like one-hundred-million thundershook storms – ‘warm’ a word of no known use
Abusive, alarming over-bellies extraordinary – these pandering trees wasted on these needy people
All the gust and none of the sun
Store yourself akin to clockwork wildfire inside of these makeshift belly-hungry overcoats
Adore the cold to glisteningly, yet no less for it forlornly crisp floor which twitches your every known momentarily perished thing
For it will be all that you have right this very minute – mindfulness a nasty seemingly so sin
Of tremendously treacherous kinds
Sure we’re fair blind to your paltry cause – you stare and pray, prey on the state of our supposedly so multi-cultured state
Only because we have yet to taste the threat in a full-circle instance of which
One-eighty degree bring us on in
Soon as we fall all too accordingly, your shoes adorn our very own crooked atop twisted feet
When you whisper near a quiet ear: See… It shall and can indeed happen to you as well as Me