What if they waited … for a mistake to take breathless breaths back actually? She’s been seriously stirring things Up and causing us all— “to tend toward total OFFICIAL control OF OUR FUCKSAKE FACES ANYWAY.”

She’s been trying for the searing sentences which make … irreparable sense, been bleeding to feel: “achingly real about the way we take ourselves through this

Universe of collateral damage, perhaps.” We did not need for anything else and we did not want for the SUGAR-soaked moment to take its own instantaneous UPheaval (away).

And if we really did tell them secretively and inside of a wraparound welterweight whisper… “what it REALLY will take to veer towed supportively toward
Goaded significance they’d SURELY presume to assume to ASSOCIATE themselves BENEFICIALLY again with everyone else ((and their TwiSteD siSterS anyway)).”

We really didn’t graze ourselves against the grain so as to (GATHER OURSELVES TOGETHER and) Remain Riotously Naive people(!!) Did not even wish (TO KNOW) which way our frozen and paralysed minds would go to inevitably-both-eventually turn…

“themselves into glorified goldd(US)t anyhow.”

Because we probably did this UNDENIABLE thing anyway…
We kept progressively abreast of everything else which sings a scintillated tune of utmost requiem. And we did it PLAIN AND SINGLE-MINDEDLY because we had to —

“Turn the whole of our NEANDERTHAL brain into a GAME OF WORD-SEARCH FOR THE ——>> plainly sane people of ransacked remarkABILITY.”