He stands his ground and watches the whole place play itself out
This epic scenery will steal a thousand-and-one such tired mid-evening eyes, while he prises the life right from anyone who will ever listen
No permission granted
The conman with the looks to match the sudden and snide drop of an altogether unsuspecting hand for absolute gusto
The flow does tend to consume you
When everything means everything, these seriously addictive sins worth a thing or two
And who ever knew, no-one as such
So goddamn far from touch – so to speak – it’s rather admirable really, the fire which flickers deceitfully bright within these incredibly focused eyes will pierce right to the core of both his and your magnetised beings, ultimately stored by an utter need to breathe like a nasty damn criminal
The handsomest shake-off in the land with New York’s finest women banking on his arm for all of a sky-high evening – his right-hand minions with dollar signs where their adolescent eyes used to be
So you do know, he’s trained them to slay the loneliest souls